Discovering a new world together
Impressions from Milan

Dining and enjoying together around the b.architecture table at the Milan Furniture Fair.
The b3 island as an open variation with mobile elements presented at Milan 2018.
Cooking as a way of communicating at the b.architecture table.
The preparation and presentation of food was experienced in all its glory at the bulthaup presentation for the Milan Furniture Fair.
Mobile elements in the b3 island provide a good view of kitchen utensils.
bulthaup’s new products at the heart of the presentation on display in Milan.
Practical details: Kitchen utensils are always within reach in the b3 island’s well.
As part of the evening event in Milan, Marc O. Eckert explained the philosophy behind the new products launched at the Milan Furniture Fair.
Flowing water is an inseparable element of any kitchen and becomes the key element of the bulthaup presentation in Milan.
The bulthaup mixer tap: intuitive in operation and timeless in design.
The b.architecture table top can keep food warm or cool with special modules.
Respect for food: bulthaup’s new products were shown in action during the day and at night by processing food and preparing dishes on them.
b.architecture: new storage solutions were tried out in the Chiesa di San Carpoforo.
b.architecture provides the platform for hours spent together with the family and friends.

Combining the time for cooking and preparation with community and communication in a unique way is an aspect that has significantly shaped the development of b.architecture and the re-interpreted b3 island. We are absolutely delighted that turning the idea behind the new products into reality as part of the Milan Furniture Fair was a tremendous success for our guests. Our snap-shots reflect the experience perfectly and are great reminders of the many happy hours spent sharing ideas and discovering together.


To mark the Milan Furniture Fair, bulthaup showcased innovative overall room concepts that bring cooking and communication together, exemplified by b.architecture and a reinterpretation of b3.

bulthaup adds a new dimension to the kitchen

The emphasis is on time

The digitized world brings us a wealth of new freedom. bulthaup is putting this additional time at the heart of its new kitchen and living space systems, opening up entirely new possibilities for relaxation, communication and respect for the true moments in life.

Order book „Milano 2018"

The essence of the product presentation is portrayed in graphic form in the book entitled “Milan 2018”. We would like to offer you the opportunity to order our book as a memento of the event and as an incentive to continue the narrative.

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